An Update on Unity Village and the Need for Urgency

Unity Village serves as a navigation center for unhoused residents experiencing homelessness. This temporary housing provides a point of stability needed for transition to permanent housing. The facility is divided into two sections: tents and a tiny homes village. The tents are temporary until enough tiny homes can be built. In order to build more, we rely on donations from the general public.

Monthly Homeless Summit

Since June 2017, HomesNOW! has been hosting a monthly summit which included food and a an opportunity for the homeless to get needed clothes and gear. Our goals for the summits are to encourage housed people to engage the homeless, see what we have in common, and work together to end homelessness in Whatcom County as quickly as possible.

The event has evolved into a monthly community social. Our amazing Sikh community provides the monthly meals, called Langar (a feast for all).

The dates for upcoming summits can be found on our events page:

Shower Truck 

The HomesNOW shower truck provides much needed showers for many of our homeless friends in the Bellingham / Whatcom area. Announcements, locations and times for the truck’s service can be found on our ShowersNOW! events page:

We are developing a network of volunteers. We are looking for people who want to help with the shower truck. Please join us , and invite your friends!


Financial Support and Volunteering 

Volunteer — we always have plenty of volunteer opportunities whether at the monthly summits, planning and constructing tiny homes or other structures, helping with the shower truck, attending government meetings to advocate for ordinance changes or creation, and numerous other activities. All events are listed on our events page. If you want to volunteer, just show up.

Please visit our events page at:

Ways you can provide financial support are:

• FinancialWe are a 100% volunteer organization. Everything we are able to do is because of your support. 

Tiny Home Building Material Costs — are funded online through GoFundMe

Monthly summit, materials, administration — recurring (monthly) donations are funded online through our Patreon page (

In kind donations — clothing, gear, plants, materials, and other items, please contact the office for specifics.

Checks and cash — of course, we accept monetary donations no matter the amount. Please drop them at the office. Every dollar helps.

HomesNOW – 2017 Distribution of Funds (Donations)

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General Planning document, similar to business plan:

Bellingham Municipal Code:

Whatcom County Code:



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GoFundMe (One Time Donations):

PayPal (alternate method of One Time and Monthly Donations):

Patreon (Monthly Donations):

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