HomesNOW! Board of Directors

Jim Peterson is the cofounder and current President of HomesNOW!. Jim has inspired and continues to facilitate strong community involvement on the issue of homelessness by mobilizing volunteers, fundraising, and making connections with the local government, nonprofits, and local businesses to work together as a community to end homelessness.  Having been homeless himself for 17 years, Jim understands first-hand what it takes to get someone off the street and into housing.

Rachel Duval is the Vice President of HomesNOW!.  Rachel was one of the first  residents of Winter Haven, our first tent community. Rachel had been homeless since November 2016.  Once she became a resident of Winter Haven, it was clear that she was a natural leader.  Within a month, Rachel found permanent housing.  She was committed to making Winter Haven a success and became part of the team who managed Winter Haven.

Rachel has been heavily involved in managing Safe Haven, our 2nd tent community that opened in April 2019.  She is one of our overnight supervisors, she runs resident meetings, handles paperwork, leads fundraising initiatives, and much more.