In the words of a most enthusiastic Homes NOW volunteer

“Showers NOW baby!”

Below are Homes NOW! volunteers working to bring a vision to life in recent photos of this week’s growing momentum to retrofit a truck into a mobile shower unit! The Homes NOW volunteer teams are working diligently each day in all matters of construction. The goal: producing a two-stall shower unit equipped to serve the local population. 



The work mantra of the moment is April Homes NOW’ers brings May showers! 

As the work crews keep their May momentum, the Shower Truck is headed for completion by June. 



Homes NOW will have a table at Terra’s Anniversary store celebration on May 19th and the BIG REVEAL of the Shower Truck is scheduled for completion by June 3rd. The shower truck will continue to undergo transformation as local artists have volunteered and are lined up to paint the exterior. The community businesses and supporters working, donating, and sharing the news is what fuels this project! Homes NOW is excited that members of the community will have the chance to shower — now! 


Homes NOW’s monthly Summit May 20th at Maritime Heritage Park marks the beginning of Spring and outdoor monthly gatherings. Participants will have the opportunity to give feedback of where they would like to see the Homes NOW Shower Truck service located, and learn more about the project.

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