An Update on Unity Village and the Need for Urgency

An Update on Unity Village and the Need for Urgency Unity Village serves as a navigation center for unhoused residents experiencing homelessness. This temporary housing provides a point of stability needed for transition to permanent housing. The facility is divided into two sections: tents and a tiny homes village. The tents are temporary until enough tiny [...]

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Homeless Community Highlights Newsletter – Inaugural Edition

Inaugural Edition Welcome to the HomesNOW! Not Later newsletter. We are excited to provide this as another avenue to distribute information to and about the Whatcom County homeless community. This will be a work in progress as we hear from you, our readers, about what you need in the way of news and information. The [...]

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HomesNOW! – Letter of Fact Regarding Donations

Hello Jim Peterson here, President of HomesNOW Not Later. I would like to talk about where we are at with HomesNOW currently. We have made some progress on some things and very little on others. We started this adventure in June of 2017 and have learned so much in the last year. Some of it [...]

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Short History of Public Housing in the US (1930’s – Present)

In 2018 in the United States, homelessness and poverty have been increasing over the years. Wages remain low or flat for most people, cost of living is increasing, rents are skyrocketing as well as property values due to a speculative market on real estate and land. At the same time federal funding for public non-profit [...]

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