Today HomesNOW! bought our first home at 2:30PM. We plan on having our first homeless person housed by middle of next week.

From where we started, to housing our first homeless person it has been a total of about 2 weeks. Yes it is just one person now but many more to come.

1. Land Found for Many Tiny Homes
2. High-Quality Construction Tiny Homes Found
3. Location for First Home Found
4. First Home being Delivered Thursday June 15th.
5. Interior being finished like a normal bedroom on Saturday June 17th

1. Insulation
2. Flooring
3. Paneling
4. Electrical outlets
5. Romex wiring
6. 2×4’s
7. Plywood
8. Light fixtures
9. Outlets and light switches
10. 6 half cinder blocks

We ask why has it taken the city so long to solve the problem. Could it be the lack of will or desire to accomplish the goal? We think so.

Our meetings are action oriented meaning we will be coordinating direct actions we will need help with or insights on and will be moving quickly to see goals accomplished. Here’s a link to our Next Meeting which is Friday, June 16th, 2017.

Homelessness has been talked about long enough now is the time for action. If you are tired of talking about the problem, but would like to contribute to the immediate solution, check us out and get involved.

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