We Found Land for 2nd Site. Other Updates. Hello, this is Doug from HomesNOW Not later. Sorry, it's been a while since my last video, the holiday season is always busy and there's been a lot of stuff going on. I wanted to share some of the highlights though.   Operations at Unity Village continue to go smoothly. With the [...]

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Thank you for your generous donations! We are now at full capacity.

Thank you for the donations! This year we have received so many donations that our capacity to store all the donated materials is beyond full capacity at this time. When you sign up for donating on our website, please know that at this time, our donations are limited to tents, tarps, sleeping bags, coats with [...]

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Outreach in Full Swing, Petition to Extend Unity Village, Financial Updates Hello, this is Doug from HomesNOW! Not Later.   Winter Outreach is in full swing. Over the last few nights and weeks it's been below freezing for some of that time and wet most of the time. Luckily the cold in general over the last few weeks has been rain and snow [...]

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Financial Report – November 2019

This is the monthly financial report for HomesNOW! Not Later. This report is for November of 2019. DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT - PDF Website: Facebook: Youtube: Volunteer: Donate:

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HomesNOW goes to Bellingham City Council 11-18-2019 Members of HomesNOW and some of the residents go to the Bellingham City Council Meeting, November 18th, 2019 to request the Clean Green site as a location to move Unity Village to since our contract with the city is over in April.   Website:   Donate:   Facebook:   [...]

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We Need You at Bellingham City Council and Other Updates Hello, this is Doug from HomesNOW! Not Later. We have a few updates. We also need your help as well.   1. New Residents:   About a week ago, we had 3 new residents move in. So far things seem to be going smoothly. It typically takes a week or 2 for [...]

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Good News! New Residents Moved In! This is Doug from HomesNOW. It's been an eventful week for HomesNOW. One of our current residents has found housing. We are going to help move her stuff to her new place over the next few days. The City of Bellingham has recently cleared us to start letting in new residents. We [...]

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Update on HomesNOW Investigation

Hello, this is Doug from HomesNOW, Not Later.   About 1 month ago, I learned of an incident involving Jim Peterson (Former President of HomesNOW) in which Jim attempted to start a sexual relationship with one of the residents of Unity Village (the tiny home community that our organization manages).   Through speaking to other [...]

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