HomesNOW! Strategy – General Plan

The goal of HomesNOW! is to take homeless people from the street and house them immediately. It sounds simple, that’s because it is. We are focused on going from point A to Point B. We are not going to wait until all the stars line up in order to get started, we are working on it NOW.

We are 100% funded by donations and run by volunteers with the goal of providing homes to the homeless as efficiently as possible.

We are committed to keeping administrative costs at no more than 5% of operating expenses. That means that 95% goes to housing the homeless.

We are focused on housing homeless people in a way that is faster, more cost-effective, and more humane than traditional methods. We want the person to have a sense of home, not just a temporary shelter.

We plan on buying lots and boarded up buildings in Whatcom County to Start and empowering the homeless to do the work necessary to make the homes livable again where they will be living.

The following link is our comprehensive General Planning Document:

HomesNOW – General Plan