Marsbet is the new sponsor of Juventude

Marsbet is the new sponsor of Juventude

Juventude is the latest Brazilian club to announce a partnership with a sports betting website. The team agreed last week and became the 19th team from the first division of Brazilian soccer to close a deal with a company in the sector.

With the contract, Marsbet will appear on the front of Juventude's shorts. As usual in this kind of partnership, Verdão will also thus increasing the exposure, reported

Marsbet Juventude

The agreement officially started last Saturday (14/08), when Juventude took the field for the 16th round of the Série A. The team faced Red Bull Bragantino, in Bragança Paulista, with the new sponsorship.

The partnership should last at least one more Championship. The contract signed is until the end of 2022 - a bond of at least 14 months. Marsbet is the first sports betting company to sign with Juventude.

Marsbet with a history in soccer

Marsbet's presence in soccer is nothing new - at least not in Europe. The company is already a partner of FC Zorya, Ukraine, and FK Austria Wien, Austria. The brand even occupies the main space on the shirt of the Ukrainian team.

With the agreement with Juventude - the first with a Brazilian club - there are now three (3) soccer teams sponsored by Marsbet. The bookmaker takes the first step in the competitive Brazilian market, where most of the major clubs already have contracts with betting companies.

Cuiabá is the only team in the Serie A without a bookmaker sponsorship

The partnership between Juventude and Marsbet made Cuiabá the only team in the first division of the Brazilian Championship without any kind of sponsorship from a bookmaker.

Marsbet Juventude

A situation that proves how much this market has been investing heavily in the country's teams. Only from June to August, there were six (6) clubs that started to have a sports betting site as a sponsor. The expectation is that, sooner or later, Cuiabá will be part of this movement and, thus, all Serie A teams will have some kind of agreement with companies in the industry.